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Binay Panda
School of Biotechnology &
Special Centre for Systems Medicine
(Concurrent Appointment)
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Room 115, SBT
New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi 110067

Email: binaypanda at jnu dot ac dot in, 
           binaypandalab at gmail dot com
Phone: +91-11-26704081 (office).

Please send me an email. I do NOT use phones for communications.


Research Areas

  1. Data integration and Genomic medicine. 

  2. Building and optimizing tools for high-throughput data, especially genomics data.

  3. Genome science and Metabolic engineering of secondary metabolites.

  4. Biodiversity genomics and informatics.

  5. Open science and dissemination of knowledge to the wider society.

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Recent Conference Presentations, Preprints, Peer-reviewed Articles, Newspaper Op-Eds & Policy documents)

Abstracts in International Conference

1. X-plat: a cross-platform transformation tool based on the nearest neighbor joining framework. RECOMB 2023. Poster.


1. Fruit-In-Sight: a deep learning-based framework for secondary metabolite class prediction using fruit and leaf images (2024). bioRxiv Android App

2. Photosystem genes in chloroplast and their interacting partners: A case for molecular adaptation to carnivory in Nepenthaceae (2022) bioRxiv

Selected peer-reviewed articles
1.Building flexible and robust analysis frameworks for molecular subtyping of cancers (2024). Pubmed Article

2. Surgical tumour resection deregulates Hallmarks of Cancer in resected tissue and the surrounding microenvironment (2024). Pubmed Article
3. Artificial intelligence and real-world data for drug and food safety - A regulatory science perspective (2023). Pubmed Article 

4.Building Biofoundry India: Challenges and path forward (2021). Pubmed Article

5. The mutational landscape of early‐ and typical‐onset oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma (2020). Pubmed Article

6. CAFE MOCHA: An Integrated Platform for Discovering Clinically Relevant Molecular Changes in Cancer-An Example of Distant Metastasis- and Recurrence-Linked Classifiers in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (2018). PubMed Article

Policy/Guideline Documents

1. BIOTECH-PRIDE (promotion of Research and Innovation through Data Exchange) Guidelines, July 2021. (I was a part of a committee of experts that wrote the first Guideline document).

Newspaper Op-Eds

1. Scientists and a wish list for the incoming government.
The Hindu, 20 Apr 2024.
2. The use of AI in drug development.
The Hindu. 17 May 2024. 

3. Can the newly discovered organelle help engineer plants to fix nitrogen?
The Hindu, 5 May 2024. 

4. The coming 75 years.

The Hindu, 17 Aug 2022.

5. Establishing India's Apple.
The Hindu, 13 Jan 2022.

Science and technology is Central to a strong and lasting Indo-US ties.
Hindustan Times, 26 Jul 2021.


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