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Practicing "Open Science" is our Core Principle. We are passionate about and are committed to providing equal opportunity to everyone to see, learn, read, download, and validate all kinds of information, free. We genuinely believe in free information and want to empower young India to innovate by using scientific information and data, freely available to them. Therefore, we not just believe in data, we believe in open data. 
We are one of the first labs in the country to practice Open Science and we are glad that others are catching up. We do this by making all our manuscripts, data, codes, scripts, and methods completely open. We share our results, data, and scripts even before peer-review and publications in journals by posting on preprints servers like arXiv and bioRxiv.  In some cases, we even e-mail the preprints to others working in the field to get their views on our work before we send it for peer-review. We fundamentally believe that science should not be a secret endeavor and should not be practiced in a closed network. Additionally, we believe that de-linking journal title with prestige/credit is essential. For us, the prominent name journals like Nature and Science are just destinations to get the results of our science out, nothing more and nothing less. We believe that Nature and Science publishes many great papers but there are great papers published elsewhere too, in many lesser known and Society journals. Therefore, we do not over-emphasize where the results get published and instead strive to publish and spot good work irrespective of where they are published.
Finally, we want science to be democratic, meaning it should not matter where one works or where one has studied or with whom one has done his/her training with. Therefore, we do not subscribe to the notion of elite labs or elite institutions. To democratize science, especially in a country like India with >300million young people below the age of 30yrs, we need all scientific information openly available, which will provide equal opportunity for all to explore and innovate, from anywhere. We believe this can be done with a central mandate to make all information freely available to anyone and everywhere. This means making everything including manuscripts and data openly and freely available to all.

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